Inspection Information
Inspection Information

PZCart provides a free inspection service for every item.

The inspection is conducted to ensure correctness and completion of the order. If problems were found during inspection, the seller of the item shall be contacted by PZCart to solve the problem. For special cases (like customised items), PZCart migth take photos of the actual products for buyer's confirmation.

PZCart’s inspection covers quantity, color, size, design and obvious visible defects.

  • Quantity - The actual quantity of the product received shall be checked against the quantity ordered. For items that are purchased in bulk, the quantity check can only assure 95% accuracy.
  • Size - The labelled-size on the item (or its packaging) shall be checked against size indicated in the order (or order remarks) . Should there be no indication of size on the item, it shall be presumed correct.
  • Colour - Although the colors of the item are checked, subtle differenece between same color tones might not be detected. We are only able to check for obvious color differences (eg. Yellow vs Green).
  • Obvious Visible Defects - Obvious Visible Defects like stain, scratches, tears, holes, dents and damages at obvious areas of the items shall be covered in the inspection service. Quality issues, material difference, brand authencity, minor defects, especially at unobvious areas of the item MIGHT NOT be discovered and therefore shall not be covered by the free inspection. 


  • Digital products - Only the appearance and the visible specifications shall be checked. Functionalities and confirgurations are not part of the inspection as the product SHALL NOT be powered on.
  • If the product is prohibited in the country of destination, it shall not be ship. The buyer shall be informed to re-negotiate with the seller for a return or to send them to another address.
  • Do take note that the followings (including but not limited to) are NOT COVERED in the Inspection Service: Functionalities issues, Quality issues, Authenticity issues, Shrink-wrapped, vacuum-sealed or security-sealed items