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Import tariffs

Buy for me PZCart will be based on the total value of each package to declare (Ship for me transshipment services require customers to fill in the PZCart client to pay the amount of reporting).

When the value of the parcel is less than the national tariff threshold, the parcel is generally not taxed. Malaysia usually goods worth less than 500 RM, the weight of the package below 10kg will not produce tariffs. The higher the value of goods, the heavier the weight of the package is more likely to be taxed. All taxation standards are subject to the verification of the local customs of Malaysia.

If your parcel is taxed, PZCart will contact the customs clearance company to inform you. You need to pay the corresponding taxes to the customs company, the package can be cleared from the customs clearance, and then pzcart to your parcel delivery. But the probability of such a situation is very small, only 0.3% of the package is currently taxed.

What kind of parcel is taxable more likely?
  • Customs is considered a commercial use of the package, civil parcels are generally taxed probability is low.
  • Package weight is relatively large, the general customs of more than 10kg weight of the package more concerned about.
  • High value of high declared goods, the value of more than 500 ringgit is more likely to be taxed.
  • The amount of the same goods too much, the possibility of taxation will be larger, please try to avoid the use of the same package to send a larger.


Commercial package is an important basis for judging the weight of the package and the number of items, more than 10KG is considered a commercial parcel probability is relatively large, so when the consignment note, please confirm the weight of the package. The same number of items is also considered an important basis for commercial parcels, so please try to avoid the use of the same package to send a larger number of single products.

Also subject to customs policy, food items, please choose carefully.

The above information from the Internet data collection, only reference available, do not have the standard guidance.