What is Ship For Me?

"Ship For Me" is an International Logistic Service that provides the service of consolidating customer's goods acquired in (many parts of) China and transporting them across borders to another oversea destination.

After acquiring the goods in China, the customer shall send them to a pre-determined PZCart Warehouse Address in China. Our operator shall repacked the parcels according to requirements to ensure safety, protection and cost effectiveness.

The customer shall be informed when the parcels are consolidated. Once we received confirmation from the customer, the consolidated parcel shall be transported to the destination, and delivered to the doorstep of the address.

There are no additional cost for the above-mentioned services provided. Customers only pay our very economy international freight charges.

How to use Ship For Me?
1. Getting The China Warehouse Address
Click HERE to obtain the China Warehouse Address. Use this as the delivery address for all the China E-Commerce Shopping Website which you will be buying from.
2. Submitting the Ship For Me order
Fill in the relevant shipping details, and submit the Ship For Me order.
3. Receiving Parcels in PZCart's China Warehouse
Once the parcels are received at the warehouse, an email shall be sent with information of the received parcels. Checking and confirmation shall be required from you.
4. Fill in the and submit the declaration of the goods for international parcel delivery.
After the parcels are weighted and measured, select the ones that are to be conslidated as an international parcel to shipped.
5. Delivery after payment of parcel costs
When the goods reached Singapore, revelant payments shall be required before the parcel is dispatched to your pre-detemined premise.
Why choose us?
1. "0" service charge

Free registration to use the PZCart Ship for Me service for international shipping.

After successful registration, the China Warehouse Address shall be made available to you as your own Chinese local address for receiving the goods from all parts of China.

All basic operations are free without additional fees. You only pay our very economy international freight charges without any extra charge.

2. Automated and Rapid Packaging

PZCart operates on an advanced and automated warehousing system that can handle large quantities of packages quickly and securely. This not only reduces the cost of parcel transit, but also greatly saves precious time for PZCart customers.

Once an internation parcel delivery request is submitted, PZCart shall process the delivery immediately.

3. Free Re-packing Service

PZCart’s free repacking service can save you unnecessary international shipping costs by reducing the size or unnecessary weight of the package.

Re-packing the items also ensures that items are packed securely and adequately to reduce possibilities of damage during shipment.

4. Free Parcel Consolidation Service

PZCart offers a free parcel consolidation service that helps save Cost o of International Shipping

Parcels with the same shipping address shall be combined into a large parcel to reduce international shipping charges which is mainly due to extra and unnecessary packaging.

There will be no more concern about the extravagent international shipping cost of shipping directly to your destination from all parts of China. All goods can now be consolidated at one warehouse into a single parcel, you only need to pay international shipping once!

5. Free storage for up to 45 days

PZCart offers 45 days of storage service without charge.

You can have more time to slowly consolidate your purchases in China. No more missing out on good offers and promotions when you shop in a hurry!

There is more than enough time for your to schedule your international shipping.

Transshipment Value-added Services

Customer can request PZCart to unpack/repack a parcel to take pictures of the items inside. There will be a service charge of RM3 per 6 photos

Vacuum Packaging:

PZCart can offer vacuum packaging for items at the following charges

Size S = RM15
Size M = RM20
Size L = RM30
Size XL = RM40

Wooden Crates:
Customized Wooden Crates can be made upon request. The cost of the crates shall be based on the dimension of the package: L * W * H (based on CM).

Extra Long Items:
If air frieght is used, please take note that there will be extra charges for items that exceed the length of 110cm.