Insurance and Compensation
What is PZ-Care Insurance

PZ-Care is an optional insurance policy for your purchase. Items insured under PZ-Care shall be compensated should the purchased items are found damaged, lost and covered for all issues listed in our inspection coverage. Please assess your purchases to consider the necessity of PZ-Care Insurance Coverage.

The cost of PZ-Care is 3% of the total value of item cost (including domestic shipping fee).

You shall receive compensation according to the PZ-Care insured value should your purchases are lost in transit.

Measure of indemnity
  • Full amount of product price
  • Full amount of the shipping cost of the items and agent fee
  • All compensation are capped at RM2000
  • Parcel is only covered up to compensation value of RM100 without PZ-Care's coverage
Insurance Fee Product Costs Shipping Fee Agent Fee In Total PZCart amount of compensation RM
Before Insurance After Insurance
RM400*3%=12 RM400 RM30 RM8.6 RM438.6 RM100 RM438.6
RM60*3%=1.8 RM60 RM6 RM1.32 RM67.32 RM67.32 RM67.32


  • Agent charges is based on 2% in above form.
  • PZ-Care is not recommended for purchase value below RM100. It is strongly recommended for high value items.
  • Pzcart will not compensate for damages of fragile items that are inadequately packed.